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July, 2017 #600OTTBs Winner

Congratulations thoroughbae on your winning post!

"I'm a very traditional person. I like old things, like classic cars and vintage clothing and especially a classic hunter, like the thoroughbred hunters of the 70's. Gozzi, Touch The Sun, Quiet Touch, Joe Hill, Flash-a-bit...the list goes on and on. The bold approach to the jump, the easiness of the ride, the elegance. I see none of that in today's hunters, and that's why when I was purchasing a horse after the sudden death of my first horse, I was having a hard time finding "the one." I had said I didn't want a thoroughbred - I am a nervous rider and generally I prefer a stable-minded horse. But when looking for attributes for my new partner, I always found myself drawn to the thoroughbred hunters. So I changed my mind, and what I found was the epitome of what I wanted. Tall, with long legs, an elegant profile, and a bold, big stride combined with an easy jump. No jerking of the knees up in an effort to clear the rails, no wondering if the horse is going to trot any moment. Now don't get me wrong, these things did not come easily.

I spent the first year working on all his issues- a fear of other horses, general spookiness, improper training, and the fact that his previous owners let him do whatever. In the past three years Percy has gone from a questionable at best $5,000 craigslist find to the horse of my dreams. He is the barn favorite, loved by kids and adults alike with his goofy antics, puppy dog personality, and his undeniable charisma in the ring. He knows he's fabulous and won't let you forget it. He has been my most difficult project ever, but that makes the good so much more rewarding.A good ride always feels better on Percy, because he makes you work for it. You can't sit back and be a passenger, you have to be absolutely correct and quiet or Percy does what Percy wants. He is my best friend and my greatest treasure, and I would not trade him for the world.From a former non-believer of the #ottb to the proud owner of an #ottbae, I encourage everyone to look into adoption or purchasing one."

This post is an entry to @huntseatpaperco@neighsaversfoundation@kristinleephotollc @life_equestrian contest #ottbresilient #600ottbs

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