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Why the next 600?

Why the next 600? Neigh Savers Foundation has saved 600 horses and counting since 2007. Their work and dedication inspired us to unite the equestrian community to save the next 600.

Goal: To responsibly rescue, retrain, rehome and retire The Next 600 OTTBs using #600OTTBs. We want to connect our equestrian community (riders, nonprofits and businesses) to engage in conversation regarding the ethical treatment and retirement of horses, encourage fostering/adopting of ex-racehorses, and fundraise for OTTB nonprofits nationwide.

Together, we can save The Next 600.

Join Us: Tell us your ottb story in Instagram using #600OTTBs for a chance to win a monthly giveaway and have your story Join Us ON INSTAGrAM featured as an outstanding OTTB Story.

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