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Have you seen the horses Canter has for sale?

Canter USA and Life Equestrian

They are stunning! Click here to find more.

I can't get enough of this beautiful gelding...and there are many more to choose from.

Canter Description:

What a pleasant surprise! This guy was a late entry to our Presque Isle Showcase Saturday. We met him the day before, a neighboring trainer actually brought him out for us to view him and he was a model citizen. He seemed like a happy, willing, "go with the flow" kinda guy. FLASHY with a substantial build, we could see riders from all backgrounds jump at a chance to bring this fella home. No known issues or vices other than one ankle being slightly larger than the other. Very nice temperament!

Price / Fee: $ 3,000.00

Birth Yr: 2011

Gender: Gelding

Color: Gray/Roan

Pedigree: Pleasant Colony

Contact Information

Phone: 216-496-6994

Name: Matt

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