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Favorite Barn in Germany? Is there such a thing?

I mean lets be real, every barn with this bloodline is incredible. Holsteiners seems to cary a elegance and class, wherever they are, to include their barn. I did, however fall in love with one barn in particular. Maybe it was the sun shinning....ok, no it was not just the sunshine! It was the incredible indoor arena, steps away from the brick facade barn with green shutters. The outdoor ring was a brilliant, beautiful white sand with a perfectly manicured set up. It also probably helped that the horse I fell in love with was at this barn.

I'll never forget the moment I saw him....yes him...he is a beautiful chestnut Holsteiner related to one of the horses in our barn in California, Caliano. My heart skipped a beat as I cuddled with him...he nuzzled right in as to say "oh you finally made it, Im here, Im ready!". My eyes were big and my heart was pounding....we walked into the main arena, picture above, and I could see the dream coming true. He is PERFECT. His composition is incredible and he seemed to have such an elegance to him. The moment I sat on his back I could feel it...this horse is going to be a game changer. Within moments we were walking and getting to know each other. He has a soft mouth which is perfect as I have a light hand. He responds very well to my leg and in minutes we were trotting. AH...that incredible trot, he floated like nothing I have ever felt before. Then to his canter, yet again, a gate I have never sat before, it was flawless. We cantered up to our first fence and he was such an angel.

My trainer could see the connection and eventually we ended with a 1.10m vertical to 1.10m oxer and he was nothing but a dream. He gave a small buck two strides out which made my heart smile...he was excited and could feel my excitement too. He is a gentle giant and at the super young age of 5 years old, he has one of the most sound minds I have ever experienced.

So now I look back on this memory with nothing but a big smile on my face and my heart pounding with happiness. This is my destiny....he is my destiny. I will find a way to meet with that incredible chestnut dream again one day. Im determined. Dreams DO come true!!

So this is my favorite barn....

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