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"It is not the horses that I paint; I paint the way they make me feel." ~ Donna Bernstein

As you can see, Donna Bernstein's work speaks for itself and, in person, it carries even more of a presence. Each piece is uniquely created mixing mediums and materials to build a presence of the horse. The fluidity of her art brings the "horse" into the design, of your own home. Donna started learning and appreciating horses, in rural New York, at a young age. From that time she has always felt a deep connection to the horses, giving her s sense of healing, energy and life. I have so much admiration the talent it takes to draw these incredible animals, especially when it stems from the connection they inspire.

I had the honor of meeting Donna at the Longines Masters Event in New York. She is an incredibly talented women with art that leaves you with a feeling of love, for the horses. Her art left me wanting more, each piece has a unique sense of motion and movement that offers a tranquility honoring horses. What a dream, to wake up to a piece that gives you the feeling of movement from these majestic animals. I

"Horses have always been for me a source of healing, energy and life. I feel closely aligned with the ancient cave paintings; minimalist, primal, intimate. I experience that connection when I am with or paint horses. That pure and intuitive bliss is what I hope to share in my work."

~ Donna Bernstein

Donna also expands her artistic talent in creating beautiful equine sculptures, jewelry, scarves and fashion.

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