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Looking for Stalls? Stall listing and renting made easy.

Staller and Life Equestrian

Staller...looking to rent stalls or find renters for your barn?

Whether you need a stall for a night, or a full-service equestrian facility for an extended period of time, Staller offers a streamlined process by connecting those looking to stable their mounts to unique boarding options at any price point.

“Staller has given more transparency to the market and also facilitates the process of stall rental,” finished Godoy. “It is beneficial to not only the competitors looking for stabling options but supports local businesses and the community. It is a win-win for all concerned, especially the horses!”

Staller allows the user to search by location and price point, see photos and learn about the facility, location and availability and then can book online with a credit card. For further information go to

Check them out!!

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