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Artificial intelligence has entered the horse world! Stablegaurd Camera monitoring system

The world's only artificially intelligent 24/7 mobile device monitoring and alert system notifying horse owners of distress, security issues, and horse-specific wellness trends.

StableGuard's system can track a wide range of behavior and activities. Tracking, analyzing, and reporting on those events.

Stable Guard Mobile App

Comfort: On a cold night, StableGuard knows that the horses have not been blanketed. Set custom temperature settings and alerts that your horses need warmth. StableGuard will let you know if the blanket straps come loose.

Security: Wondering if your stallion will find a way out of his stall tonight? StableGuard will track your horses' entry and exit from the stall. How about unknown people slipping past your staff? Configure StableGuard to recognize safe staff and clients, and immediately notify you of strangers.

Nourishment: It's been eight hours and your horse hasn't had a single drink of water. StableGuard knows the water bucket was filled by your staff hours ago. Thanks to StableGuard, you can see trends over time for food & water delivery, consumption, and evacuation log with duration since last observance. Set alerts to be notified if StableGuard recognizes a potential issue.

Stable Guard Mobile App

Safety: Forbid the worst. It's 3am and your horse gets cast. You can set alerts according to severity. The StableGuard specially-trained equine system is continually updated to recognize a growing list of injuries, stress behavior, security issues, and medical ailments. StableGuard sends an immediate alert to your phone ... and escalates the alerts as needed.

Foal Watch: Never set another middle-of-the-night alarm to check on the birth of a newborn foal. StableGuard will alert you at the earliest indication of labor.

Peace of Mind: For those moments when you just want to see your horse without needing to visit the stable. StableGuard's mobile live-stream lets you check-in, anytime, anywhere.

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