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Capturing the essence of a horse with renown artist, Julie Ferris

What does it take to capture the essence of a horse? One can say it takes long hours studying the horses anatomy, having a thorough understanding of every detail, but it also takes the soul of an equestrian to envision their presence on a life-size scale. Julie captured my eye with her stunning IG account of paintings, although that lead me to so much more. Not only does she have an eye for design, she has the talent to create life size renditions of these incredible animals. Her ability to bring the horses to life with a vision is unbelievable. With every painting she captures the heart and soul of each horse. I can feel the horse's mood and presence, to me this is the real essence of art. While I am in no shape or form an artist, I can truly appreciate the raw talent it takes to create such incredible pieces of art, ranging in size from 16”x20” to life-size...or larger than life.

“when I was young, I found myself captivated by the presence and workings of a horse, later I combined that with my artistic abilities to bring my vision to life”

~ Julie Ferris, Equine Artist

I was lucky enough to hop on a call with Julie where I felt like I learned so much more behind her success and raw talent. Coming from a Atlanta, Georgia, Julie always had an interest in horses. Her mind and soul were captivated by their presence and movement leading her to graduate with a BFA from SCAD while competing on the IHSA SCAD Equestrian team throughout her college career.

If you're interested in Julie’s commission work, well get in line! Each project takes an estimated 6 months.. some of the key to Julie’s success is her ability to tackle more than one project at a time, enabling the freedom to revisit each project, conjuring the fine detail. Julie mentioned, ”its vital to capture the essence of each horse” in the life size paintings, which is just another reason why I love her work. She puts her heart and soul into each piece. She has the vision to captivate each horse's presence and mood. This is priceless…for an estimate on a commission please contact Julie directly for more details.

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