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Samshield Miss Shield Helmet IS the helmet to have!!

Samshield Miss Shield Helmet

Inspired by women classic hats the Samshield Miss Shield is equipped with a long visor and a customizable frontal band. Designed on the base of classic Samshield helmets (Shadowmatt and Premium) and has all the same great same technical features and benefits!

There are a few reasons why I love this helmet. First, it always comes down to safety and this helmet meets all standards according to CE VG1 (Europe) and ASTM/SEI F1163-15 (North and South America) standards. This helmet is also, made of the same polycarbonate used in high-end motorcycle helmets. Inside the shell, polystyrene material provides better energy dissipation in case of impact. Samshield helmets are tested in partnership with CRITT—a French certified laboratory renowned for being one of the most demanding in the world—to ensure that all its products meet three main criteria: the ability to absorb blunt impact, resist distortion (i.e. the crushing weight of a horse), and penetration by a sharp object, specifically through the helmet’s ventilation holes.

The second reason I love this helmet is for the fit...the wider brim gives just enough sun protection while not limiting view. Rounding out my top three reasons for loving this helmet, its customizable!! I love having a product that is safe, stylish and I can put my own mark on it. Check out the Sam Shield site to customize your own helmet...or your local tackstore can help to order one.

Its important to have the correct fitting helmet, to check your size go to you local tackstore to be fitted.

If you know your Samshield size, check them out at SmartPak + FREE shipping:

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