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Need your horse fix? Volunteer at Cherry Valley Horse and Farm Rescue

Cherry Valley Horse Rescue

Getting your horse and animal fix can also be a way of giving back to the community. There is an incredible non-profit that comes to mind for this. You can not only donate, Volunteer, but you can also adopt an animal which means you are able to directly see your donation go towards one animal plus signup to help take care of the animal. I love the idea of kids being able to adopt an animal to care for....teaching them responsibilities and giving them the real life experience of understanding empathy with a living animal.

Cherry Valley Horse Rescue

A girl friend of mine at work, came to me one day and told me about

her experience with a horse and how her son is taking care of him. It warmed my heart and gave me inspiration to start a blog on ways to give back, called "Giving Back". I am always hesitant to get into the world of volunteering because my time is often not available and I feel guilty for that...I love that this organization lets you give back while helping kids experience the

responsibility and connection with the animals.

Cherry Valley Horse Rescue

To me this is two birds with one stone. On the flip side, if

Check out Cherry Valley Horse Farm and Rescue to see if its a

good fit for you....if you are not local to California, there are likely the same type of non-profits available in your area.

Cherry Valley Horse Rescue

Type in "non-profit horse and farm rescue [Insert your zip code here]

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