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For a love of horses, an inside look with artist Bettina Norton

Bettina Norton Artist and Life Equestrian

When I first stumbled upon Bettina's work, I was lying in bed one Saturday morning, enjoying my morning coffee and checking out Instagram. A friend of mine recommended her work and I was immediately enamored. I felt the way each painting captured a horse was unlike anything I had come across before.

Unknowingly I fell in love with this particular style of art. Bettina combines charcoal, sumi ink, gold leaf and acrylic. She captures each image with the detailed combination of motion and emotion. I love how she is able to give each horse an expression with simplicity, a rare and delicate balance to achieve.

Bettina Norton Artist and and Life Equestrian

I had the pleasure of working with Bettina in getting a piece done of my mare, Fabia. When I was waiting for my commission piece I also fell in love with one of her prints. I now have both pieces up in my apartment and look at them with such warmth and appreciation. Not only does she really capture the feeling of each horse but for me, Bettina's paintings give me a feeling of home.

A little more about Bettina, she is born and raised in beautiful Santa Barbara, Ca. Her work is very personal and draws upon inspiration gained during long days at the ranch with her chestnut Rocky Mountain horse Frankie, and hours spent in the California salted sea with nothing but a smile and a surfboard.

Bettina Norton Artist and Life Equestrian

Bettina has incredible pieces for purchase directly on her site and is also available for commission paintings, BUT get in line...she has a number of commissions ongoing so please connect with her directly to discuss options.

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