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Spoil Your Horse With Gifts Every Month...

Saddle Box Subscription and Life Equestrian

SaddleBox is the monthly subscription box for horse owners and enthusiasts. Each month a box is sent out with a combination of treats, grooming products, tack and more! I love getting presents in the mail and the best part is that all of this package is guaranteed to be horse related...two wins!

I'm always a bit skeptical of these types of boxes because there always seems to be items that I just don't need or use. Well to my surprise, everything in this box is not only usable but perfect for a barn person. There is a great mix of items including fun treats and grooming products plus practical can never have too much vet tape or saddle soap.

Here is a list of the fun items I you can see EVERYTHING is usable for an equestrian. And if its something that your equestrian friend already has, they can always give it to their barn peeps. I mean, who can have too many treats and saddle soaps? Not me...thats for sure.

  • Peppermint Nuggets Horse Treats

  • Saddle Soap on a Rope

  • Groomage Horse Grooming Tool

  • Epona Soft Jiffy Brush

  • Red Bandana

  • Peppermint Sticks

  • Horse Sense Equine Quote Book

So the next do I get this fabulous box for myself or as a gift? Well, its super easy....

Saddle Box and Life Equestrian

Check out my preview below:

To learn more check them out on the web and Instagram:

This makes the perfect gift for your horse and or your equestrian friend...sign up today!

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