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Protect that beautiful Equestrian skin with PCA Skin.

It's funny that as an equestrian we are so concerned with our horses safety that we often forget about our own. Skin care is so important these days, given that much of riding is done outdoors we need to ensure we are using the right gear to protect our body and products to protect our skin!

I have been getting a ton of questions as to what skin care products I I'm sharing my secret....PCA their products and SPF lines! I was able to catch up with Emily from PCA Skin Care who shared more details about each product.

Sheer Tint is a personal FAV! It’s flawless under makeup as it has a satin feel like a primer, without the white finish of a traditional SPF.

✔️No SPF smell and no need to color match

✔️loaded with antioxidants

✔️recommended/approved by the skin cancer foundation

✔️ pure physical block SPF 45 and water resistant

PCA Skin C&E Max Antioxidant

C&E Max would be my next recommendation- This potent antioxidant is a game changer!Vitamin C is a multitasking miracle for instantly brightening the skin, lightening sun damage and boosting collagen to tighten and firm the skin. The trick is that it is difficult to stabilize. In a traditional water based serum it will oxidize and degrade pretty quickly. Unfortunately, you just don’t get the full benefit of this great ingredient in most formulations. PCA changed all that...

C&E max combines high percentages of pure vitamin C & E In a completely anhydrous (water free) formula with enhanced delivery system to ensure maximum benefits!

PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid

Last but not least... Is my ultimate FAVORITE PCA product- Hyaluronic Acid Boosting, our #1 seller! You will notice immediately that this serum has a gorgeous texture with a scent of rosemary and mint. HA Serum works in 3 ways:

✔️instantly hydrates the surface of the skin with a traditional Hyaluronic Acid (holds 1,000 times it weight in water)

✔️uses hydrolyzed Hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep within the skin for long lasting hydration that plumps and smooths the skin

✔️most importantly, HA pro-complex stimulates your body’s own Hyaluronic Acid production.

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