Maelort's Pierson Duffle and Ring Backpack 1 are THE bags to have...

The ultimate bags to have are created by Equestrian's for Equestrian's....does it get any better than that?

I have has the Ring Backpack 1 for over a year now and absolutely love it. It holds everything I need for a show day with extra room. Its wide straps are comfortable to wear, even on the hottest of days. Maelort designers thought of everything, from a helmet holder to a soft space to hold a iPad.

I've taken this backpack to all my horse shows, even to work events, CES, its simply the best, best design, best compartments, BEST IN CLASS.

I had the chance to get to use the Pierson Duffle and, once again, am in love! Its a gorgeous bag that holds our tall boots. How epic is that? I've always been a fan of the fun weekend getaway bag but never have we had the option to hold our tall boots along with our weekend getaway stuff....well now we can. I can't get enough of the classy, simplistic design that enables the modern equestrian to carry tall boots in style. Its a MUST have...not to mention is matches perfectly with the Ring Backpack 1.

Maelort Pierson Duffle and Life Equestrian
Maelor Pierson Duffle

What I love about these bags is the design, simplicity and ease. I love carrying them everywhere I go. The Pierson Duffle is made from durable nylon woven in a compact gabardine construction with gorgeous gold zippers that complimenting the sleek design and ultimate protection for your tall boots. This is the first of its kind...the first Equestrian Duffle Bag/Boot Bag!

Maelor Ringside Backpack 1

The Ringside Backpack 1 is also made from durable nylon woven in a compact gabardine construction with magnetic button snaps are used instead of traditional snaps to secure top cover for quicker and more convenient closing.

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