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The Fit Equestrian has a simple and easy to follow workout guide

The Fit Equestrian is the first one I've seen that is focused solely for equestrians. Its your one-stop-shop to build your weekly workouts using the nutrition and exercise guide.

I love the planner they set up because it's super simple and easy to get into a routine. I often get intimated by creating a workout routine because I have such a shortage of time....I like how this calendar helps to organize an easy routine...also keeping each workout generic so that I could choose from a couple different options for each. I like to do boxing as cardio but hate to commit to doing the same cardio, this enables me to free up my time for cardio but not lock down to one particular set up.

Oh and I forgot to mention the best part....the calendar is FREE to download!!

Check out the planner I created just using "x" to mark the spot. What I like about the calendar is that it could be used as a guide or you could add granular detail for each cell. For example, I would jot down Boxing as my cardio on Tuesdays. Sunday and Saturday I may be hacking or lessening a combination of horses so I would also add these notes, helping me stay organized and manage my time. You can use it any way that works best for you.

I connected with The Fit Equestrian team to get some ideas for nutrition at the barn and on the go. Here are some super healthy options to keep handy in your tack-box or on the way to the barn.

** All available on Amazon and free shipping with Prime.

Larabar Amazon Prime Life Equestrian
Kind Granola and Kind Bar Amazon Prime Life Equestrian
RX Bar Amazon Prime Life Equestrian

The Fit Equestrian and Life Equestrian

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