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Exceptional Horse Treats; "Enjoy Yums" are a must have in your tack-box

Enjoy Yums Horse Treats and Life Equestrian

Life Equestrian voted Enjoy Yums as one of your tack-boxes Must Haves.

Have you ever had a day at the barn when you are so hungry you will eat anything? This is exactly why I like to keep treats in my tack-box that are not only healthy for my horse, but something I can nibble on to. Well I found the perfect match....Enjoy Yums are the perfect snack for YOU, your HORSE, and your perfect is that?

Enjoy Yums Horse Treats Life Equestrian

I love that these are made in the USA with six simple ingredients. There are a range of treats with lower sugar formulas for horses with metabolic issues. I've even had the pleasure of nibbling on them and quite enjoy them.

They come in a resealable bag making it easy to keep them fresh and storable in your tack-box. They can be ordered directly from A Little Pet Vet or click here to find a store near you. You can feel super confident in your purchase as these treats are inspired, developed, and endorsed by veterinarians. I don't know about you but I always worry that what I am giving my horse is nutritional and these take that worry away.

They come in three flavors, Carrot, Apple and Mint...I'm partial to carrot as it tasted the best to me, although Miss Fabia loved ALL three!! For more information and to try out the treats check out A little Pet Vet online. Their prices range from $9.95-$24.95.

They also have a monthly subscription for $10 or $25, treats will be shipped directly to awesome is that!!

A Little Pet Vet Enjoy Yums Life Equestrian Horse Treats

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