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Donating to Cherry Valley Horse Farm and Rescue

Cherry Valley Horse and Farm Rescue Horse Tie

I recently had the opportunity to donate some barn items to the Cherry Valley Horse Farm and Rescue and am so honored to have been able to help.

Nancy, CEO of Cherry Valley Horse Farm and Rescue works incredibly hard to give abandoned and neglected farm animals a home. Not only does she give them a second chance at a loving life but she also works with her volunteers to cultivate a relationship with each animal. How amazing is that?

She has an option for volunteers to sponsor an animal and this could be donating time, money, or needed items. What I really love about this program is that Nancy works with each volunteer to become a part of the animals life and routine. Teaching people how to care for the animals to include, grooming, feeding, and sometimes riding. What a great way for kids/adults to learn responsibilities!?!

Four legged farm animals have an unassumingly powerful presence in our lives. If you have ever had a close relationship with an animal, you know what I mean. I'm so grateful for organizations like Nancy's who not only make a difference in the community but help to build an understanding with the animals. This is a skill that cannot be learned in class...its an experience that I wish everyone to have in their life.

To see an animal light up when you arrive brings such a warmth to the heart that its life changing....if you're an animal person that is!

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