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Mare Goods..Life is Better With Horses!

Mare Goods Tshirt by Life Equestrian

Mare Goods has some must have horse goods, starting with their uber soft t-shirts and my FAVORITE "Giddy Up!" Mug. I'm a sucker for soft t's and this fits the bill. These shirts are so uber comfortable and perfect for the street to stable look. I love wearing my "Life is Better With Horses t-shirt" under a cute blazer and skinny jeans to work! Its just enough horse flair without going over the top. Plus its the perfect barn shirt to pair with any breeches. The soft t-shirt material has the perfect weight to keep me nice and cool while not being too tight to give a suffocated feel. I also love how the material doesn't suck to my unsightly tummy puffs, giving me a flattering look. I always find it tricky to find a t-shirt that gives a flattering look but this one definitely makes the perfect match, keeping my tummy puff private.

Mare Goods Mug: Giddy Up Life Equestrian

My all time favorite mug is so cool for SO many reasons. First, I love the "Giddy Up!" saying that's hand stamped, with each mug being hand made there is a unique artistic touch to each one. The classic Mare Goods logo on the opposite side makes me smile, especially with the grey horse!! The bottom has a super cool texture which

Mare Goods Mug Life Equestrian

helps the mug stick to each surface. This mug just makes me smile :-)

Mare Goods also has some super cool other products...check them out here:

Mare Goods Est 2016 Life Equestrian Blog

MARE is a celebration of the horse in our modern lives and a destination for well designed, thoughtfully curated, witty, bold and modern products that reflect our love of, commitment to and respect for horses. Whether you are a rider or simply a lover of horses, MARE products are a way to show the world your love and respect for these incredible animals. We celebrate the many ways these animals can transform our human lives by sharing powerful stories of the human-horse connection and we live this value by giving back to our community through our support of philanthropic organizations that help abused and neglected horses.

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