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Hattie Banks....classically stunning with a subtle touch of equestrian flair

Hattie Banks Jewelry Blog post by Life Equestrian

Hattie Banks Jewelry is new to the equestrian market as of April 2018. Her line is simply stunning with a touch of, subtle equestrian flair. She launched with the bubble ring, horseshoe ring and necklace, cupid ring, and the knicker nut necklace. ALL of her pieces are custom made, in New York, for each order so sizing is never an issue. What I love about her line is the subtle equestrian design to each piece.

Her Fence collection was the next ring to hit the market and its GORGEOUS!! As a rider herself, Hattie finds a way to capture the equestrian feel in each piece. I love learning more about her design inspirations and seeing her gorgeous pieces out in the show ring.

Hattie Banks Jewelry Blog post by Life Equestrian

As for bracelets she just created the ever so stunning stacking diamond bracelets, what more could a girl ask for?

"Inspired by the elegant simplicity of a Southern woman's style - from generations past until present- Hattie Banks is a fine jewelry collection centered around meaningful aspects of designer Hattie​ Gilpin's life. ​​The line, officially launching in the Spring of 2018, is comprised of capsule collections that feature subtle nods towards everyday objects. ​Horseshoes and fences, each crafted from ethically-sourced diamonds and precious metals, appear on statement rings and delicate necklaces, and tiny, eye-catching earrings pack a shiny punch in the form of diamond triangles."

Hattie Banks Jewelry Blog post by Life Equestrian

Her line is stunning, classic, and beautiful with the special hint of horse...I can't get enough of it. The first piece I'm looking to get is the Fence ring followed by the divine bracelets above...I mean I would like EVERYTHING but baby steps...although a girl can dream right!?!

Hattie has launched several more designs via her Instagram account:

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