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Spend less, ride more...have you tried The Tried Equestrian?

Have you tried The Tried Equestrian?

I can't write enough positive things about my experience with The Tried Equestrian. I have purchased and consigned with them and they are fantastic ladies! Their business is really taking off and I'm so excited to see their success.

I remember a few years ago, scouring through eBay to try and find a place to sell breeches and equipment that I no longer used. Its tricky because the equestrian market is so niche that there is not a lot of viability for used equestrian products on eBay. When I found Tried Equestrian I was pumped...this is one source to sell equipment bringing in high quality products and customers, FINALLY!! They are experts about fairly assessing the value and market rate for each product.

My most favorite find with The Tried Equestrian is the Cavalleria Toscana show jacket. The retail price was just too much for me to stomach to spend but when I found it on Tried Equestrian, I could justify the spend so easily. I LOVE this jacket, by far my favorites. It brings such a class and statement in the ring, plus the fitted and tailored details really polish the jacket.

I love that The Tried Equestrian goes to so many local California shows but also has an awesome online presence, making shopping super easy. Thank you Tried Equestrian for helping to evolve the equestrian market...you are a much needed service and I love shopping/consigning with you!

Check them out online @ www.triedequestrian.com

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