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F.WORDS Gear: FIT. FASHION. FUNCTION. FLEXIBILITY...what more could a girl ask for in equestrian gea

F.WORDS Gear by Life Equestrian Breeches, Show Shirt riding apparel

Have you tried F.WORDS Gear? Don't miss out...this new brand to the market is incredibly designed and flawlessly executed. Don't get me wrong, this comes with a price but fashion is an investment right? Well, flawlessly executed fashion that enhances your shape definitely does and is well worth it.

F.WORDS Gear has patented a custom stitch - Activeseam®, creating a Softer, Stronger, More Elastic & Infinitely More Attractive Seam than anything on the market. This attention to detail is seamless throughout all of their products. As an equestrian we have a high demand on our products with an expectation that our active lifestyle will be matched with high quality, design and structure. And this is what F.WORDS Gear has brought to the market.

I was honored to spend some time with Kendel out here in Los Angeles and she is an even more incredible women then the brand leads her to be. Her years of experience in the fashion industry has lend well to the design and launch of F.Word Gear. She has an eye for design, fit, function...OK...the four "F's".

F.WORDS Gear by Life Equestrian Breeches, Show Shirt riding apparel Frisky Legging

"Founder, Kendel, has two decades prior experience creating custom tailored garments for celebrities and royalty throughout the globe. This has garnered her peerless ability in executing unmatched FIT."

Her brand started in the fitness world with a focus on the Frisky Legging - Anti Muffin Top which is absolutely incredible. This is the first product I purchased and was immediately sold. The look, feel, function and ability to suck in everything is remarkable. This is my "Go-To" legging. I can't say enough good things about it. From the anti muffin top waste band, light weight easy to clean fabric and one of my favorite parts...the seems do NOT leave marks when you undress. There is no question in my mind that these leggings will transform the legging world. The handy cell phone pocket is a brilliant idea and the sheer tone of the fabric keeps animal hair and spots away.

F.WORDS Gear Flaunt Show Jacket Equestrian Apparel Life Equestrian

Not only did they revolutionize the legging world but Kendel stepped into the equestrian market with a pace to win the blue ribbons. The Flaunt Show Jacket is a slimming and flattering design with Technical 4 way stretch fabric and a couture double combo contrast notched lapel. The strong tailored shoulder, slim straight sleeve provides shape, movement, and comfort on the horse or in the office. I love the vented back that provides ample range of motion. To top it off the fabric is water repellent, stain & abrasion resistant and mesh lined offering maximum breathability. What more could we ask for in a show jacket? The added fine detail of the contrasting lapel is one of my favorite details.

The Flight Show Shirt speaks for itself with a classy tall double collar with removable bow. F.WORDS Gear never misses a detail with their activeseam® technology- coolmax® jersey body wicking moisture and silk tulle underarm gusset for ventilation. The fabric is so soft and flattering that I wanted to show it off outside of the show ring.

F.WORDS Gear Filly Breech - Fawn Equestrian Apparel Life Equestrian

I saved the best for last....the Filly Breech created by F.WORDS Gear are truly one of a kind. They are flattering, comfortable, machine washable and approved for the Hunter Show Ring. Their mid rise waste-line keeps everything tucked in where it should be while giving a longer look to the leg. The knee patches are deer hide which provide the perfect amount of stick in the saddle. The dual sided pockets are so unique to the brand and I love how even their show gear has functionality.

I'm super excited to see the next line of products by F.WORDS Gear.

For more products, check out their online store:

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