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Get your work of art from Shasha...Jessica Shasha

Jessica Shasha Artist Equine art Life Equestrian

Jessica is a classically trained fine artist who graduated from both the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and University of Pennsylvania. She has an understanding of art that I am blown away by. I had the opportunity to work with Jessica on a painting for my mother, for mothers day, and my father, for fathers day. Not only did she turn these around in record time but they meant the absolute world to me and my family. Both parents had tears in their eyes as they discovered the painting. It gives me such a warm feeling in my heart to know I can help bring happiness to my parents life and Jessica certainly made that happen.

The universe has some incredible ways of working and this is just one that still, to this day, blows my mind. I met Jessica on IG, as I admired her art. She has such a beautiful talent that I couldn't wait to see how I could snag one of her pieces. After we were working on the first painting for my mother (video below), I noticed she was moving locations and couldn't help but recognize the location she further explored. It was Whitefish, Montana.....the best kept secret in Montana. Sure enough the universe had magical ways in working to align us. My family has had a cabin there since I was a baby so we spent all summers and holidays enjoying the ski hill and lake. What a small small world to have found Jessica on IG and to now get the opportunity to meet her during my next trip to Whitefish.

Jessica's talent really shows through when she does the time laps of her work...I love watching it come together. I very much appreciate art and enjoy dabbling but in no way can I make paper come alive the way Jessica does. Check her work out on her IG account and website...she is an incredible women whom Im honored to have the chance to work with.

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Jessica Sasha Fathers Day painting Life Equestrian
Jessica Sasha Fathers Day painting Life Equestrian

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