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Lo & Sons has created the perfect canvas weekender bag...can we say #streettostable

Do you have the perfect weekend bag? I feel like that's a bit of a cliche, I mean, there are indeed a plethora of bags on the market. However, there are not ANY that check all the boxes like Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe | Weekend Canvas bag.

I'm fascinated by brands that created their products as a method to solve a problem and this is in deed what Lo & Sons did. Helen (fabulous name btw) Lo founded Lo & Sons in order to fill the need for a weekend bag that wasn't "too heavy, too frumpy, too tech-y, overpriced, overly designed" and she nailed it. The size, shape, functionality, design and quality couldn't have been created any better.

For us equestrians, I tend to choose darker colors so my dusty days don't make their home on my bags. I went with the midnight ash Catalina Deluxe Sz Small. It holds just the perfect amount of equipment and/or accessories. I found that I can easily keep my helmet, paddock boots, beach shoes and a few breeches super organized. My favorite feature is the bottom compartment, I was easily able to hold my paddock boots and a pair of breeches keeping my dustier items away from my clean clothes.

The super soft messenger strap makes it easy to hoist around, although its even easier with the suitcase handle sleeve. I feel like not a detail was missed!

The interior and exterior pockets are perfect for organizing spurs, gloves, hairnets, etc. I never leave the house without my LA Dodgers hat and this bag has the perfect interior pocket to keep it safe. The natural canvas is 100% naturally grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. I have recently been on a kick to try and use more sustainable products and this check the list. I love that the canvas is free of any harmful chemicals too.

The final touch of this bag that sealed it for me...was the

overall comfort. I love the ease of taking a bag along with me that isn't too bulky or heavy. The lightweight material keeps the carrying weight low and the soft shoulder pad and comfortable handle pad keeps skipping to the barn.

“Say goodbye to the days of bags falling off the side of your suitcase and spilling out over the floor (we've all been there,) and hello to a less painful carry on experience.”

~ Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Kristin Lee Photography

Horse, Cal: Storia Stables

Lo & Sons offers a number of different

designs and color options...

check them out:


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