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Bibimbap skincare is made by an equestrian, for equestrians

bibimbap Lip Treatment Life Equestrian

Kisses for this boy...and only the softest lips will do. I am in love with the lip treatment by Bibimbap. Not only is it soothing but it keeps my lips soft for hours. I have a hard time finding a lip treatment that doesn't dry out my lips...and look no further...this is the best lip hydration therapy. It's so good even Cal wanted to try it out!

I definitely consider this a tack box "must-have" (tack box must-have list coming out soon) item that I can't live without. I also have one in my bathroom next to the sink so I always hydrate in the am and pm. I love the ingredients are all natural keeping this product super healthy.

Bibimbap Serum Life Equestrian

For the past few weeks I've been using the Bibimbap Serum and am so happy with it! I am a die hard fan of the PCA skincare products and the Bibimbap serum is the perfect mix with my SPF regime. As an equestrian we deal with the most severe weather, from the powerful sun-rays, damaging dust, freezing temperatures and windy wind storms. We need skincare products that can hydrate and help keep our skin looking its best. What I love about the Serum is that I can mix it in with my current skin regime and it brightens my skin ... how does it do this? With four easy ingredients, Arbutin, Azelaic Acid, MAP (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate), and Apple Stem Cells...what the heck is all that right...check out their site for all ingredient details.

Lip Treatment by Bibimbap Life Equestrian

From now on I have no excuse for dry lips or dull skin and I'm super excited to keep using Bibimbap products. Have questions? Check them out on their website for more details about other products...their cleansing, moisturizer and healing salve are next on my list.

Bibimbap Skincare Life Equestrian Review

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