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To wear or not to wear a visor and neck kerchief when riding?

To wear or not to wear a visor and neck kerchief when riding? That is the question....OK so maybe it should be less of a question and more of a statement in Southern California. UV protection should be top of mind for any athlete and being that Southern California is one of the sunniest states we should always be thinking SPF and sun protection. I have tried numerous visors and they are a bit tricky because they can be clunky, heavy, and all around difficult to use. The one visor that I have stuck with and LOVE is Soless™ H-Visor. Its transparent visor has a polycarbonate film that offers 92% UV protection. The visor securely fastens to your helmet with an adjustable lock that attaches to the brim (detachable)...think "no more flyaways." The price tag is a bit heavy at $79.99 but so worth it given the sun protection.

The Hannah by Callidae Life Equestrian

The Hannah is Callidae's solution to sun protection. Made from the same lightweight jersey as The Practice Shirts, The Hannah is a pop-over neck kerchief that will help keep you cool, protected from the sun, and looking stylish. It features a soft cowl drape at the front, and is trimmed with our printed cotton poplin. I tend to stick to the black fabric as it shows less dirt than the white options. What I love about this neck kerchief is the lightweight durability...its perfect to keep sun off of your check and neck area while offering some shadow from the sun. I tend to soak it in cold water before I put it on, keeping me neck chilled while riding.

To learn more about Soless™ H-Visor check them out at

To learn more about Callidae and their beautiful equestrian line check them out at

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