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Mane Jane Stirrup Belt Buckles....yes please

Mane Jane Belts | Rose Gold Belt Buckle | Life Equestrian Review

Handcrafted in the US, these luxurious belt/buckle combinations offer a classic equestrian look and feel with an ample choice of color combinations. The buckles are solid steal and "strong like a bull", but they won't scratch your saddle in the event of an ungraceful dismount. Kaboom. Perfect for the street to stable look, in and out of the show ring.

Mane Jane Belts | Silver Belt Buckle | Life Equestrian Review

I love the color combinations available with the silver, gold and rose gold belt buckle. I had the opportunity to custom order my belts and had the most difficult time narrowing down to 6 leather colors, I so wanted one of every belt leather. Finally making up my mind I went with all three belt buckles and three leather belts making for 18 combinations. My favorite being the rose gold and merlot belt leather. It adds a pop of color without being too much for the show ring. The gold and silver buckles are a close second as they offer such a polished look and are perfect for my stable to street styles.

I always love supporting small businesses but this is definitely one that will not be small for long. Developed, designed, and sold by an equestrian...this belt speaks for itself. The success of Mane Jane is here...grab your buckle before they are gone. Check them out online to order your custom color set and check out their super cute spur straps that add just the right amount of design to each outfit. You can even match your belt to your spurs.

Mane Jane Belts and Spurs | Life Equestrian

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