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An Inside look with Abdissa Van Der Kamp

Abdissa Van Der Kamp and Stal Wilten for Life Equestrian

I had the opportunity to connect with Abdissa to learn more about his life in the saddle and wow is he an incredible young gentlemen. Not only a beautiful rider but witty and charming too. He is one to watch in the show ring...his horses and trainers are incredible. I'm excited to share more about Abdissa and Stal Wilten.

Where are you from and where do you ride currently? I am from Ethiopia and my parents adopted me when I was two. So now I am living in the Netherlands with my parents, twin sister, and little brother Mel. I currently ride by my own stable at home where I have my own horse. I also ride by Stal Wilten 5-6 days a week where I train on jumpers and hunters/equitation horses and ponies. Who do you ride with and was riding in your family growing up? I train with my own horse by a professional trainer near my home stables and by Stal Wilten which is also close to my home. Riding is a big part of my brother and I’s lives. My mom rides horses and she plays a big part to helping Mel and I with our training and competitions. We have our own stables right by our house so most of my life is surrounded by them. What was the age you started riding and where do you see yourself in 5 years in the riding world? I started riding when I was 9 years old. My first pony was a Shetlander named Tosse. He was always so fast and bucked me off many times but it was very funny to my family except for my Dad because sometimes he had to catch him. I hope in five years I have grown a little taller so I don’t have to ride ponies and maybe winning in a LGCT in Miami so I can sit on the beach afterwards and drink a margarita (which I have never tried before but hear it tastes good.) What drives you to become a better rider?

Abdissa Van Der Kamp and Stal Wilten for Life Equestrian

I watch a lot of the top riders and when I see them it drives me to work harder to get to where they are. I also practice every day and I don’t like to mess it up, in other words I like to strive for perfection. How do you pick your horses? I don’t pick them. I take every ride I can to learn and develop more skills. I get to ride lots of different ones by Stal Wilten and the more I ride the easier it is by the next horse. I have my favorites of course. I like to ride the ones which have a little bit of fire and really want to push their limits for you. Will you be showing in the US in 2019? If you buy, I will fly. Honestly I would love to but I haven’t had the chance to travel outside Netherlands because I am working and training everyday.

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To learn more about horses available at Stal Wilten check out their website: and learn more about the Wilten family here.

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