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An inside look with Two Bits Equestrian: Annie Heise

Two Bits Equestrian Founder Annie Heise For Life Equestrian

I had the opportunity to catch up with Annie Heise to get the inside scoop on her booming business, Two Bits Equestrian. With her busy schedule as an actress she finds time to follow her other passions, horses and fashion. As an avid equestrian and an eye for design she created Two Bits Equestrian.

When did you make the decision to start Two Bit Equestrian?

I came up with the idea for TBE summer of 2017. The idea just sort of came to me on evening driving home from dinner with my husband ... first the logo and then the name... and the designs quickly followed.

Your focus is using ethically and sustainable sourced fabrics, how has this affected your design and product line?

Soft color palettes, clean lines, and rich textures are the core elements of my designs - so truly the quality of the fabric is undeniably the star!

Two Bits Equestrian Founder Annie Heise For Life Equestrian

Do you suggest designing with a fabric in mind or do you design based on functionality then source the fabric?

I would say for me it's a mixture. High quality fabric makes a huge difference when you go into production. It eliminates a lot of cut & sew issues.

When I am coming up with designs I am really inspired by subtle textures and fabric colors. I love colors that have a lot of dimension to them... for instance the herringbone textured cotton I use. It draws the eye... and gives the pieces a lot of extra character. Once you trust your fabric you can focus on function and not have to worry.

Two Bits Equestrian Founder Annie Heise For Life Equestrian

Whats your favorite piece?

That's a tough one... I have have to say most recently I have been wearing the bamboo pieces. Those items have such a versatile aesthetic, I can easily dress them up or down... plus the fabric feels like pajamas!

Any sneak peaks into new designs?

"T.B.E. Collection" will be debuting online later this fall and I am so so excited... It takes the equestrian inspired athleisure idea one step further... these items are more dramatic, chic, and high-fashion oriented. I still stayed true to my original concept though, of having the pieces be super functional and versatile. You can wear the collection pieces to and from workouts or wear them on an evening out on the town. I never want my designs to feel limiting. I want people to trust the pieces... no matter what occasion they will feel comfortable and look polished.

Photo Credit: Sophie Kuller

Two Bits Equestrian

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