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A girl can never have too much jewelry

AU Rate Jewelry Review by Life Equestrian

A passion for animals, design and functionality makes it tricky to find just the right jewelry piece that works and fits with the equestrian lifestyle. I'm always looking for beautifully designed jewelry that can tolerate heavy use. When I found AU | Rate I was scrolling through Instagram and was pleasantly surprised by the aesthetic of their IG account. Being aesthetically pleased is far from wearing and loving the jewelry so I took the plunge and ordered the Mini Charm Pyramid Bracelet and Twist Ring and I couldn't be happier. Both the ring and bracelet mesh well with my current collection of jewelry and wear well under my riding gear.

AU | Rate Packaging Review for Life Equestrian

I tend to swap out my bracelets a lot so the stackable twist ring has become an everyday staple for me. I love pairing it with my other stackable rings or keeping it solo for a clean look. I like that its so dainty and light that I forget Im wearing it.

Receiving the jewelry in a pretty package is half of the fun and AU | Rate did just that. I have to say that their packaging is amazing. The beautiful suede bag that each piece came in all wrapped up in this beautiful box. What a delight to receive. You can feel very confident that whoever you send this gift to will be happy with the wrapping alone.

AU Rate New York Ring review by Life Equestrian

"The perfect equestrian stocking stuffer"

I always love supporting small businesses, especially ones that give-back, check out their giving-back campaign.

Check out AU | Rate New York:

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