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An inside look: Venezuelan show jumper, Angel Karolyi

Angel Karolyi for Life Equestrian

Born and raised in Venezuela and coming from an equestrian family, riding is in his blood. Angel's mother, Gladymar Verswyvel, and stepfather, Jorge Verswyvel, were both international show jumpers which is probably why you will find both Angel and his brother Alejandro in the international show jumping ring. Angel has built a highly successful business in Wellington, FL training and selling elite jumping horses as well as coaching riders. With the success of his barn and riders in Wellington, he's building out his presence on the West Coast in Southern California. I had the opportunity to catch up with Angel and learn a little more about his plans for 2019....

What are your goals for 2019?

For 2019 I have 2 major goals. In relation to the sport...I would love to be able to participate in the Panamerican Games being held in Lima, Peru in the later part of the year. Regarding my business, I would really enjoy to take in a few extra students whom are passionate about the sport the same way that I am, since being able to share my knowledge with people that truly value it is so gratifying to me!

Angel Karolyi for Life Equestrian

Do you have a workout routine to support your riding goals?

To support my riding goals I like to focus on a couple workout routines. Cardio exercises such as running or cycling keep me feeling light and agile, and pilates is my favorite way to focus on my core, which in my opinion is so important for our sport!

What's your favorite hobby outside of riding?

My favorite hobby outside of riding? That is a tough one... I would not say I have a specific favorite hobby. For me it is pretty simple, my passion is the horses and whenever I am doing anything outside of that it does not really matter what it is as long as I am with good friends and family that I love!

Angel Karolyi for Life Equestrian

What do you look for when you are trying a horse?

When I am trying a horse there is many qualities I look for, however what I give more importance may vary depending on the type of rider and the job that the horse has to do. Regardless, two qualities I like to always focus on are, the quality of their canter and their mind!

Whats the best advice you can give an amateur rider looking to move up in the show ring? The best advice I could give an amateur rider looking to move up in the show ring is: "Learn to enjoy the whole process not just the end result."

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