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Olympian; Cassio Rivetti, riding for Neil Jones

Cassio Rivetti Brazilian Olympic Showjumper Riding for Neil Jones

As a world class rider who has debuted in two Olympic Games, The World Equestrian Games, The European Games and winning many Grand Prix's, Cassio Rivetti is an incredible athlete helping to shape the Equestrian Sport.

Cassio started to ride at age of 7 years old in Sao Paulo Brazil, at his father's farm. Continuing to ride as a child and through University, in 2003 Cassio moved to Europe (Belgium) to work with Rodrigo and Nelson Pessoa. Within three years, Cassio was ready for his first world championship in Aachen. Just two short years later, Cassio was offered the chance of a lifetime to ride for Mr Onishchenko and compete for Ukraine. Staying in Ukraine for 8 years, Cassio accomplished two European Games, two World Equestrian Games and two Olympic Games, London and Rio.

After Rio, Cassio was ready for a change and moved to Belgium where he started his own business. After being in Belgium for some time and growing his business, he decided to bring his talent to the U.S where he is now partnered with Neil Jones from Neil Jones Equestrian as a premiere rider and competitor showing Neil's horses.

I had the opportunity to get the inside scoop with Cassio and his thoughts around the sport...who does such a talented rider look up to? Read more to find out...

With two weeks of Thermal in the books, how do you like showing for Neil Jones?

The two first weeks in Thermal have been good, better then expected. Neil is a very nice guy so it's easy to work with him. He is always motivated so that gets me inspired for the show season.

What's your favorite characteristic in a horse? personality, jump style, gate, etc.

Cassio Rivetti Brazilian Olympic Showjumper Riding for Neil Jones

For me a horse must fight together with the rider. A careful horse that goes in the ring and fights for the clear round, but not a hot horse. I like to say that the horse must have the same personality as the rider, then the match can be very successful.

What are your goals for showing this year?

My goal this year is to build a nice group of horses and help the Neil Jones' team continue their success in the U.S show ring.

What is the proudest moment in your showing career thus far?

I have had few good moments in my career, I think my first world championship in Aachen and the second would be my first Olympic Games in London. Both competitions were life changing, helping me get to the current opportunity I have with Neil Jones Equestrian.

What riders do you look up to?

I like to watch all top riders, learning about their techniques and decisions. A few of my favorite riders are Rodrigo Pessoa, Marco Kucher and Steve Geurdat.

What's your advice to amateur riders looking to move up in the show ring?

First of all, find a good horse that fits the riders style, then its a lot of practice. Show jumping is a sport that takes time and dedication to be successful int he show ring.

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