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Hylofit: build a stronger relationship with your horse

Hylofit for Life Equestrian

With the new technology out on the market, it's now possible to track and build a stronger HEALTH relationship with your horse. Typically we know our horses so well that the moment they are feeling off, we can feel it in their walk, trot or canter....however now, we can track their health and potentially foresee any lameness issues with an increased level of fatigue. How can that be? Well before a horse goes lame, they will often show signs of fatigue as they are over compensating for the injury which is hard to track. With the Hylofit app we can now track progress in real time.

"Use HYLOFIT during your ride to get real-time feedback, both on your phone and Apple Watch, of your horse’s heart rate, your own heart rate, speed, and distance. Use these insights for better communication and overall partnership. Are you pushing your horse too hard?"

With two pieces of equipment, you can easily start to track rider and horse heart-rate helping to build a definitive workout regime thats best for you and your horse. It's as easy as attaching the monitor to your horses girth and applying the chest mounted monitor to the rider. From there the apps sync and start tracking your BPM, Duration, Distance and Speed. What I love about this product is that it's not invasive at all. There is little to no risk in wearing the product and the horse should have no awareness of the product.

Hylofit for Life Equestrian

With two easy steps you're on your way to tracking your progress and setting goals. The app also offer post-ride insights.

"Discover your breakthrough moments with a full recap of your training session, on your phone and on the web, complete with a proprietary intensity score, full-ride analytics and a graphical display of performance.

Are your heart rates in-sync? In addition to single ride insights get an overview of historical training results with our calendar view and activity details graph, which allows you to track performance over time."

With the easy to share results and tracker, you can work with your trainer seamlessly to get insight on your horse, even when you're not at the barn.

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