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An inside look with Hattie Banks: Eq Jeweler

Hattie Banks for Life Equestrian

Hattie Gilpin is the talented designer behind Hattie Banks, a well-known jeweler in the Equestrian world. I loved catching up with Hattie and learning more about what inspires her to create her incredible designs. She's been designing jewelry for quite some time fact, Hattie Banks is her second line. Her business started with Sea Dipped, a collection you can still buy today that is inspired by both the ocean and saving endangered baby sea turtles. Read on to learn more about Hattie and her business.

How did you become interested in the world of jewelry and creating your own designs?

Like every little girl, I always played dress up and found so much joy playing in my moms jewelry box trying on her different pieces. When I was younger, my mom and I would create jewelry from shells we found on the beach, which eventually grew into Sea Dipped. Sea Dipped was my first jewelry line that I launched in 2016. I would take shells I found on beaches around the world, dip them in gold, and craft them into unique, beautiful jewelry pieces. Each gold shell saves 10 sea turtle hatchlings, which is extremely awesome!

I knew jewelry was my first love when my mom took me to Tiffany’s at a young age. My life was forever changed when they let me try on one of their ruby engagement rings.

Hattie Banks for Life Equestrian

Everyone knows you in the equestrian world for your equestrian-inspired designs, however, you have SO many amazing hobbies like scuba diving and enjoying the outdoors. What does a typical month look like for you?

I spend a lot of time in New York, I love the fast pace environment and all of the culture you are surrounded by that comes from being there. I am very thankful Hattie Banks calls New York City home. I would say most of my inspiration comes from my love of experiencing new things. When I'm outside of my comfort zone, that's when I find myself growing creatively.

A typical month for me includes a lot of time outside. I really enjoying spending time by ocean, scuba diving is definitely one of my favorite things to do. Spending time in my garden is also a really enjoyable activity for me.

Hattie Banks for Life Equestrian

A fun fact about me that one of my favorite activities is falconry. I grew up around falconry because my dad is a ‘falconry apprentice’ and spends a lot of time rehabilitating raptors. There is something very humbling being able to be so close to such powerful animals.

What's your favorite piece in your incredible line and why?

I feel the same about my jewelry as I imagine a mom would feel about her children - I can’t pick a favorite! I get a lot of compliments on my bubble rings and also my trillions by the yard.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

In five years I plan to continue grow my jewelry line and also introduce my brand to different sectors of the fashion industry.

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