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An inside look with Lucy Deslauriers

Lucy Deslauriers for Life Equestrian

Lucy Deslauriers spent most of her childhood surrounded by horses. Her father, Canadian Olympic rider Mario Deslauriers, and her mother Lisa Deslauriers, also a top U.S rider, raised a winning "Equestralete".

I had the opportunity to learn more about Lucy and her background into riding....continue reading to see why she prefers the newest saddle offered by Hermes and some unique characteristics about her top show horse "Hester".

Growing up in a family of riders, when did you decide you wanted to ride?

I honestly cannot really remember a time when I didn’t ride. There are pictures of me in the saddle with my mom before I could walk. Although I played other sports growing up and am also a full time student, riding has always been my biggest passion and I cannot imagine a life without horses or this sport.

Lucy Deslauriers for Life Equestrian

Being one of the highest ranked FEI U25 riders, what is your advice to a rider just starting out in the U25 competitions?

I think one of the biggest pieces of advice I try to remind myself of is that you can never stop learning or working to improve. There are endless opportunities to learn in this sport outside of the ring. Whether it be observing top professionals in the schooling area to see the way they prepare for big classes or listening to the way they train their students, I think these moments, and the general practice of trying to pick up tips from anywhere you can, have the ability to enhance your riding and horsemanship as you move up levels of the sport. One of my favorite parts of this sport, something that can simultaneously be frustrating, is that it can never be truly mastered.

Your close association with Hermes allows the opportunity to try multiple types of saddles. How do you like the Vivace and how does it compare to the prior model?

I actually have only ridden in the Hermes Vivace saddle, but so far I am loving it. The saddle is not only very close contact, allowing for better connection between myself and the horse beneath me, but it also has a very simplistic and elegant design that embodies the excellence of the House.

When you look at all the horses you're currently competing with, what is the most unique or entertaining characteristic that one has?

Lucy Deslauriers for Life Equestrian

I think Hester’s character and temperament in the barn are some of my favorite qualities in any of my horses. He acts like a puppy around the barn and makes sure you know exactly what he wants or needs. He follows me around the barn to where the carrots are and then back to his stall every day after I untack him and just loves attention. However,, he also knows he knows exactly when it is game time and has such a fierce fighting spirit every time we walk into the ring.

Showing around the world, you have had the opportunity to ride in the worlds most prestigious venues. What's your favorite show venue and why?

My favorite show venue thus far is probably the Dublin Horse Show. It was such an honor, and so much fun, to compete in the Aga Khan Cup for the U.S. team this past year. You could truly feel the passion for show jumping and sport in every aspect of the show.

Follow Lucy Deslauriers and her incredible show jumping career:

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