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An inside look with Hermès Rider: Caitlyn Connors

Caitlyn Connors for Life Equestrian

I had the opportunity to watch Caitlyn Connors ride at the pre-launch party for the Hermès Vivace Saddle in Wellington Florida. Not only is Caitlyn an incredibly talented rider to watch a learn from, she is such a dedicated rider who has navigated the world of international show jumping while being in school full-time. Keep reading to learn more about Caitlyn and her thoughts on the U25 competitions...

What inspires you to continue to be the best rider you can be?

There are a lot of people in the riding world I admire, such as Roberto Teran, Margie Engle and Beezie Madden. The way they ride and their ability at the highest levels of this sport inspire me to push myself everyday to improve my riding. One day I want to be able to compete at that level and that drive keeps me motivated.

Caitlyn Connors for Life Equestrian

What do you look for you in your Grand Prix horse prospects?

There is no typical ride that I usually go for, but I always want to make sure my horses have a lot of heart and are mentally strong so they are able to walk in the ring and always try their best.

When you think about the Hermès Vivace Saddle, what's your favourite new detail and why?

My favorite new detail of the Hermès Vivace Saddle would be the super close contact. Vivace gives you the ability to feel your horse under you and that connection really is beneficial. The saddle is also very light and the horses love that; as do I when I have to carry it around the barn!

What's some advice you would offer someone in the U25 competition looking to build their riding career?

Caitlyn Connors for Life Equestrian

The U25 competition is one of the best learning experiences an up and coming equestrian can have. It allows you to really develop your skills in how to ride a technical course and acts as an important bridge from the High Jr/ Ao’s to the FEI Ranking classes. My advice to anyone in the U25 competitions is to really appreciate those learning experiences and take them with you up the ranks.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I would like to be graduating college as well as have the opportunity to compete for the USA on a Nations Cup Team. I also would like to be thinking about starting my own business and developing myself as a rider.

Follow Caitlyn's journey to the top....

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