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An inside look with Dalia Macphee

Dalia Macphee for Life Equestrian

Dalia Macphee is known for her red-carpet gowns gracing the top award shows but she has recently taken her talent to the equestrian world with riding apparel, accessories and, my favorite, The Fully Fire RetardantHorse Blanketwith GPS. Read more to find out how this red-carpet designer is adding her mark to the equine blanket industry.

When did you acquire your love for horses and when did you start riding?

I’ve had a love of horses ever since I can remember, and started officially riding when I was seven years old. I learned on some feisty shetland ponies, and soon after on a 3 year old chestnut mare that despite almost killing me several times, ended up winning several hunter championships. I now have a holsteiner gelding that does jumpers.

How did you decide to start in the fashion industry?

I was studying pre law in university when I got the entrepreneurial bug. I’ve always had a love of fashion, and particularly evening dresses, so I launched a small collection which I showed myself at a large tradeshow in the South East. I was one of the few females and definitely the youngest CEO at that time in a sea of older men selling prom gowns. I met with the buyers myself and said “ I’m your customer, this is what they want.” The show was a hit, which allowed me to hire a sales team, and the rest is history!

What has inspired you to go from the red carpet to the horse world?

Dalia Macphee for Life Equestrian

Being that riding is such a passion of mine, it just felt natural to start creating things that riders and horses need to improve the experience. I love solving problems, and what better place to bring solution to, than the stables? The EQUISAFE Blanket ( Fully fire retardant horse blanket with built in GPS) was one of my first innovations to the equestrian world, based on my own experience of my horse being evacuated during the fires.

What inspires each of your lines?

My customers without a doubt are the inspiration for each of my collections, year after year. I always say the designer has one job and one job only: to create something that when worn, helps the light that is inside, to shine outside for the whole world. Now that I’m also dressing equines, we’re going to need a whole lot more fabric, and some extra dark sunglasses!

Follow Dalia Macphee and enjoy her incredible talent from glamorous red carpet gowns to her Fully Fire RetardantHorse Blanketwith GPS.

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