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Hermès Soft Up Pro Stirrup | Free Jump Partnership

Hermès Soft Up Pro stirrup irons

The Hermès brand is the most elite brand in the equestrian industry and with that comes a level of sophistication and dedication to quality. I'm always intrigued when I see brand partnerships and this is one of the most exciting partnerships I have come across. Two of my favorite brands have come together to bring you the Hermès Soft Up Pro stirrup irons, using technology and design by Free Jump.

I love the subtlety that Hermès offers in every design they bring to market. A dedicated team takes months, even years, to design test and re-test products that are sold by Hermès. With months of product testing and riders feedback a product is released with the Hermès seal. Knowing the extensive time and research that goes into each product is the reason why Hermès has continued to carry the honor and prestige to their name.

Hermès Soft Up Pro stirrup irons

From the beginning, the brand was originally created to offer the first harness for horses designed with the comfort of the horse in mind. While horses became less of a necessity for a mode of transportation, Hermès stayed consistent with their vision for riding equipment and created the first saddle in the late 1880's. At this time, founder, Thierry Hermès had passed the business on to his son, Charles-Émile Hermès, who moved the workshop to the now-iconic limestone building at 24 Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré, from which the Hermès flagship would never move. After moving to 24 Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Charles-Émile added saddlery to Hermès’s creations. The sought-after saddles were made to order, requiring measurements from both horse and rider, and sewn together with the durable saddle stitch still used today. Over 120 years of expertise, its not a surprise that Hermès has mastered the saddle but its even more impressive that they have stayed at the top of the market and continued the legendary excellence that Thierry Hermès once envisioned.

Hermès Soft Up Pro stirrup irons

Steel and thermoplastic polymer materials have been combined to offer flexibility and reduce the strain on each stirrup, reliving pressure on the rider's joints and horse's back. Notice the iconic Hermès orange used on the base of the stirrup.

The large inclined skid-proof tread provides an effective grip without causing wear to the sole. This design is based on the technology used for downhill mountain biking pedals.

The foot is released in case of fall adding safety to this high-intensity sport.

All photography by @kristinleephotollc

Want to learn more and purchase a pair for yourself or your favorite equestrian?

US & Eastern Canada | Leah Rogers Meierfeld +1 (917) 881-3238 US & Western Canada | Aurélie Ferrut +1 (917) 530-6291 The rest of the world:

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