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11 ways to wear Donna Bernstein's Scarves

Horses are a part of my daily life and I love finding subtle and delicate ways to incorporate them into my outfits. I had the pleasure of getting to know Donna Bernstein a few years ago at the New York Longines Global Champions Tour and we have stayed close every since. She is such an incredible artist that, I not only, fell in love with her art but her scarves and her eye for the magic of the horse.

I have two of her scarves and love wearing them daily....check out below to see 11 different ways to incorporate some horse into your life through Donna's beautiful scarves.

1. The easiest way to make dirty hair look clean and pulled together, add a scarf and tie around your bun for a pop of color.

2. The classic yet most flattering way to tie a scarf around your waist is to leave the tie fluttering down your leg, creating a lengthening effect. I love how Donna's scarves have a such a subtle equestrian essence that they don't overpower any outfit but they add to the outfit.

Check out more options and a variety of beautiful colors via

3. Wrapping your scarf around your waist with a tie around the neck creates a flattering scoop neck that can be worn with breeches for a lunch after riding or paired with a pair of black denim leggings and booties for a more cocktail event.

4. I love accenting base pieces with a pop of color and Donna's gorgeous Pink Power Long scarf is the perfect way to do just that. A simple loop around your hat and loose knot in the back.

5. One of my favorite things to do outside of the barn is to sip coffee with friends. Donna's Greeting scarf provides the perfect chic way to tie around your neck while running errands and fluff-up for a sunglass pillow. And what a coincident that its called the "Greeting"'s meant to be a social scarf.

6. Tying Donna's scarf around your neck brings in the most classic way to wear a scarf. I always feel like I am in the era of Audrey Hepburn's Roman Holiday when I have a scarf around my neck.

They are stunning in every way and add the perfect amount of equestrian into your outfit.

7. One-Tie Shoulder shirt....I love that Donna's Greeting 37x37 scarf can easily become a beautiful one-shoulder top that is gorgeous with a pair of heels for a night out or your breeches for an afternoon of fun with your riding partners.

8. To avoid those little fly-aways that happen in the wind, I love using the gorgeous Pink Power Long scarf to wrap around my hairline, leaving the tie long around my shoulders.

9. For a super simple update to a ponytail, add Donna's Pink Power Long scarf with a tie around your ponytail with the ends fluttering.

10. The most sexy way to wear the Greeting scarf is off-the-shoulder with a subtle knot, it is a bit more risqué but such a subtle way to add a flirty should . The bottom of the scarf is tied around my waist, anchoring the scarf....I would suggest a strapless bra with this one, just in case the shoulder shifts a bit low.

11. Have a simple black purse that you want to change for the day, add Donna's Pink Power Long scarf as a tie around the strap

Follow Donna Bernstein to keep updated on the newest scarves and art she's working on: @dbartist

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