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Freejump Stirrups | Innovatively designed for safety

As an equestrian, I'm always looking for equipment to help with safety and these stirrups are just that. Freejump Stirrups initially launched in 2012 and have since been through a few style changes but overall they still maintain the same benefits. Read more to check out why I LOVE these stirrups and highly recommend them to all riders.

From the design to the materials used to create these stirrups, there is not doubt that safety's top of mind. Starting with the overall balance and shape of the stirrup, the design is meant with several important safety implications. The first one I am starting with is the angle of the footbed, allowing the foot to easily find the stirrup. The second safety feature is the breakaway system with the flexible outer branch.

The next few safety features have the rider's comfort in mind with a shock absorbing spring steel branch that support the stirrup. The wider footbed is topped with a carbon fiber grip and replaceable studs.

Complete list of all technical features:

1. Open eye / suitable for use with freejump’s single-strap stirrup leathers.

2. 9 treated studs (worn studs can be replaced)

3. Spring steel branch overmoulded with an elastomer

4. Flexible outer branch (can be replaced if damaged)

5. Extra-wide carbon tread

6. Cover (can be replaced if damaged)

7. Grip (worn grips can be replaced)

Check out my review below for a closer look at the stirrups:

MORE about Freejump System

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