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Horse Pilot Airbag Jacket

Horse Pilot Airbag Vest at Equ Lifestyle Boutique

What are your thoughts on the Horse Pilot Airbag Jacket? I have read a lot about safety in our sport and this vest provides just that, especially for those younger riders who might come off a little more frequently. I was curious to try it out and had the opportunity with EQU Lifestyle Boutique's, Monica Ward to do just that.

A little more about the vest...Its light weight and easy to put on. It's form fitting so it can be worn under the Horse Pilot show jacket for the show ring or as is for practice.

The deployment of the vest is triggered by the magnetic leash thats is attached to the saddle after the riders is comfortably mounted. If the leash is separated from the vest the airbags are deployed. This can also be done by a quick tug on the leash, as seen in my video at the bottom of the page. This vest also has the quickest airbag deployment on the market which is key when there is a fast fall. For more airbag details please find them on Equ Lifestyle Boutiques page here.

Another feature I love about this vest is the shape and fit. The vest is designed with four separate airbags that are deployed at once. With two sides, one back and one lower back airbag, you are getting your tailbone covered. This is something hat isn't found in any other airbag vests. When the airbags are deployed I also noticed that there is ample room for my neck and helmet which didn't force my neck to come forward or feel cramped, instead it let my helmet lay nicely on the back of the vest offering support.

Overall I was impressed with the fit and functionality of the vest. While I don't have kids currently, when I do have a family and hoping they ride, I would absolutely have my kids in this vest. Especially for kids learning how to jump or working with a spookier horse.

The Cartridge pictured in the first photo below is lightweight and easy to add to the vest. "The air bag refill developed by In&Motion is the first equipped with 4 independent gas cartridges. Each inflates a specific part of the airbag. The inflation time is thus the fastest on the market. The shape of the cartridge, flat and curved, allows a comfort and discretion hitherto unequaled."

For details on how to change the cartridge watch the video here: Horse Pilot Cartridge Replacement.

There is no doubt that regardless of your level of riding, safety is the number one priority so this vest is something to think about for equestrian's at all levels and disciplines.

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