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Designer Highlight with Alexa Fairchild

Alexa Fairchild

I'm so excited to share more details about this incredible designer who is also an extraordinarily talented dressage rider living in Brussels. With Olympic dreams Alexa Fairchild is also a designer...check out my five question snapshot into The Freedom Tribe and why she created Alexa Fairchild.

Where are you from, where do you live now and when did you start riding?

I was born in New York city. I now live in Brussels, Belgium and I started riding when I was 3 on pony rides in the Villa Borghese park in Rome, and at 5 in a pony club in Brussels.

When you created Alexa Fairchild what was the first product you created?

When we created Alexa Fairchild, the first product we really focused on was the sweater. I always love a cozy and comfy knit to throw on.

You mentioned incorporating your travels into your line, will you focus on any particular countries or regions for the first release of these collections?

I absolutely love to travel and so does my family. This is why it is important for us to incorporate travel within the brand. Each collection will be themed around a destination, e.g. Mykonos or Costa Rica. We will use this destinations as inspirations for the designs.

With your expansion into new regions, what is your next region you will be looking to launch?

Our next region we are looking to launch in is North America. I am so excited for this launch. We originally decided to use Europe as a testing ground to eventually be able to launch in these regions. Unfortunately, we have had to postpone our launch in North America and Canada due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope that everyone stays safe and can’t wait for the actual launch.

With the focus on sustainability and eco-friendly products, where did you hear about working with recycled cashmere and how do you plan to use it moving forward for your different product lines?

We have an agent in Italy that sources all the factories for us. We had told him that we wanted to be as eco-friendly as possible throughout the brand and he is the one that found this amazing factory that recycles cashmere. We have since produced all of our knits and accessories such as beanies and scarves with them. It is a lovely family that owns the factory. Our recycled cashmere pieces are one of our core pillars as well as, one of my favorite items. We will continue to produce all of our knits in recycled cashmere and branch out to other garments that can be made in this recycled yarn.

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