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Rider Highlight | Molly Hay of Team KPF

Molly Hay

Molly has been riding all over the world for many years. Recently she made the jump from Europe to the West Coast of United States then over to the East Coast of United States to join Team Kent Farrington....what an honor. I was curious to learn more about her decision to be down in Wellington and the road she took to get there. Check out the interview below with Molly...

How long have you been located and showing in Wellington?

I arrived in Wellington this past November after a few months on the West Coast- prior to that I was based in Europe for three years.

How do you like it in comparison to the West coast of the US and Europe?

Living and competing in Wellington is a really unique experience. As the majority of trainers and riders own or rent their own stables off the show grounds, it’s nice to be able to retreat back to turn the horses out after a long week of showing, and/or to train on weaknesses before heading back the following week. I’d say this is what distinguishes Wellington the most from showing in Europe or on the West Coast of the US. I also find it’s a great place to develop horses as there are numerous venues, rings, and classes to choose from, and as I’ve spent many winters here, it’s always great to see familiar faces and reconnect with old friends.

What classes are you currently showing in and what are your goals?

Unfortunately, given the current situation with COVID-19, I, along with the rest of the world, will not be competing in the near future. I sold my good mare at the end of circuit, and my other two horses are in Europe, where they will stay until the situation quiets down. Prior to this, I had been competing at the 2/3* level, and even jumped my first World Cup Qualifiers in Fall 2019 thanks to Neil Jones. For now, I’m staying busy riding at Kent Farrington’s, who has been the biggest mentor and role model for me in my riding career.

Looking back at your road to Wellington, what do you feel was the most pivotal point in getting you to were you are now?

Molly Hay

It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact moment or decision which led me to where I am now. This industry can take you all over the place: from one end of the world to the other, one job to the next, crossing paths with hundreds of horses and people along the way. The difference between moving forward and moving backward is being open to learn and staying positive in the worst outcomes. I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with people who always encouraged and supported me, during both my highs and my lows. I have to specifically thank Kent and also my trainer in Europe, Julio Arias, for getting me to where I am today.

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