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KASK Helmets | sì sì sì

Melon protectors...otherwise known as helmets. There are so many options when it comes to equestrian why did I chose to KASK? Safety is my number one concern and I am a big believer that industry experts are there for a reason and KASK is just that. They manufacture ski, cycling, mountaineering, horseback riding, rescue, and safety helmets. so I didn't have to question their expertise nor experience as they have been in the market since 2004.

I was first introduced to the KASK brand by Equ Lifestyle Boutique and haven't looked back since. I love that KASK has the perfect balance between technological excellence, functionality, and safety. With safety checked off the list I then focused on design and style and KASK has it all. I LOVE the design options and customizations available. Not to mention the handy helmet bag each helmet comes with.

My favorite is the Star Lady which offers a wider brim for extra sun protection. I have one in a mat tone, pictured above and a secondary helmet with the Swarovski® Carpet in black, photographed below.

The top three reasons I decided to swap over to KASK are highlighted below, in order of importance:

1. Safety, and understanding the equestrian athlete; KASK carried our multiple studies to find the most frequent impact zones on riders from falling and created different areas of densities in their helmets shells to protect the rider, just like airbags in a car.

2. Fit and adjustability; KASK helmets are provided with KASK’s patented self-adapting adjusting system in carbon look. Introduced for the first time to the equestrian market, the FIT System allows the helmet to perfectly and automatically fit the rider’s head by gently cradling the back of the head.

3. Design and Style options; KASK offers a wide variety of beautiful designs fully customizable for both the hunter and jumper rings. All hand made in Italy with a rigid quality control process guaranteeing the quality of each helmet.

I have been riding in my KASK helmets for over a year and am so incredibly happy with them. They have maintained their comfort and esthetic.

All Photos taken by the super talented Kristin Lee Photography

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