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Rider Highlight with Emily Moffitt

I had the honor of learning more about Emily Moffitt and taking a deeper look into her transition as she rides for Great Britain. With her wicked knowledge of showing in Europe, keep reading as she notes some major differences between showing in the US versus Europe, plus her favorite GCT venues...

Knowing you live in Europe and the US depending on the show circuit, what are the major differences you experience showing in different continents?

There are many differences between the American and European show circuit. The warm ups are completely different. It took me awhile to adapt to the European system. Instead of having one jump to yourself and starting 3 to 4 out you share a jump with others and usually start around 8 to 9 out, sometimes even more.

I find Europe is very focused on big shows for the big names, whereas America has a larger variety for every level of the sport. Another big difference is the way the horses and grooms travel. Our grooms in Europe travel in big lorries and stay in them as well. When I did my American tour a few years ago my top groom, Fiona, traveled with them in a big trailer and stayed in a hotel near the show.

Since joining the GCT in 2017, what is your favorite GCT venue to compete at?

That’s a tough one because they’re all located in such beautiful cities. I would say my top 3 picks would be Rome, Stockholm, and London...

London is an obvious choice for me because not only do I live in England but London is my favorite city in the world. It has such a cool cosmopolitan vibe and I love the energy. It’s the best to show in front of a home crowd, it gives it extra meaning when you do well with all the home supporters behind you.

Stockholm I’m especially biased because I went double clear for my team alongside my coach, Ben, to win it. It also has the most beautiful stadium and the crowd was incredible. I’ll never forget when Peder won the Grand Prix and the crowd sang their national anthem. It was such an incredible moment to be a part of.

Last but definitely not least, Rome. I have always loved this show because of the city, the food, and the arena! Rome is amazing alone so to be able to show there is just an added bonus alongside the delicious pasta! The beautiful arena is right next to a massive football stadium, sometimes when we jump you can hear the crowd go wild.

You recently transitioned from the American team to the British team, what was the main reason for your change?

With my mom being American and my dad British we spent our summers in England starting from when I was quite young. Over time I began to spend more time in England than in America. When I made our farm in England my home, it was a natural progression. Of course my dad was always rooting for Team GB and my trainer, Ben Maher, also rides for Great Britain so it just made sense for me to make the change. I really enjoy riding for GB. It has such a team feel and the home crowds are incredibly supportive.

What is the biggest learning lesson in the past year with your trainer Ben Maher?

I have learned with Ben how to enter the ring and do what it takes to get the job done. I am still learning all the time. Every round teaches me something, even if it is just a reminder of something I already know.

Do you have a favorite workout routine outside of the barn?

I enjoy working out when I’ve got myself in a routine, but I would be lying if I said I was in a routine now! In Florida I worked out 5 days a week with 3 different trainers, all focusing on different things. I would say I prefer workout classes to working out alone because it gets my competitive side going. My favorite classes would be Orange Theory and boxing.

Do you have any favorite (Equine or human) nutritional supplements?

I’ve just recently switched over to Omega supplements and I have to say they’ve been great. My best horse Winning Good is naturally a very hot horse so it’s been a lot of trial and error finding what’s right for him. Finally we found something that he really seems to like called Zencalm. As for human supplements, I’ve never been hugely into supplements or vitamins but I have recently started taking personalized vitamins which I liked the idea of. They seem to really help a lot with my energy and overall well being.

Follow Emily as she continues to represent team Great Britain in the GCT @emilymoffittofficial

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