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Need to move your horse? There's an app for it!

Meet the new app to move your horse...Equo. As our world becomes digitized the equestrian world is jumping aboard too. With the love for our animals we always want whats best for them and this includes transportation. Equo has a great slogan, "Equine Transport Redefined" its pretty self explanatory but what does that really mean?

In three simple steps you can have your horse ready for transport. Download the app, Select your type of ride (Rush, Planned or Pool), Choose your destination and accept your fare, boom done! How much easier can it get? The most important factor with hauling is safety and Equo has their safety standards set up to the highest quality. With partnerships set up with specific vets along your route, you can feel safe that your equine partner is in excellent care.

Download the App to check it out!


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