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Rönner Design, a new take on the equestrian prints...all the way from Colombia

Camelia Zip in mini carousel navy Ronner Design by Life Equestrian

Rönner Design is a brand that's making huge strides in the equestrian market...they have one-of-a-kind prints in multiple equestrian focused designs. Their quality and attention to detail is incredible, its worth it just to receive the beautifully wrapped package. I was also surprised with FREE and quick world wide shipping. I'm so excited to see where this brand goes, they are already off to successful start!

I was able to try out the Camelia Zip in mini carousel navy and absolutely loved it. The fabric is perfectly cooling for the sunny days in SoCal and offers a beautiful print that DOESN'T SHOW DIRT, how fab is that!?! Their design and detailing is beautiful, not to mention the beautiful prints that complement any pair of breeches, I love pairing bold prints with my tan breeches.

Poncho Bits Chain Ronner Design by Life Equestrian

The line of products that Rönner carries is such a nice balance for the competing equestrian or admiring equestrian. They offer stunning poncho's and sweaters with gorgeous boots and slippers for the equestrian admirers. Loving the Poncho Bits Chain as a perfect layering piece, doublefaced and reversable made with a comfy blend of tangy cotton and baby alpaca.

mimossa slippers in rose grey Ronner Design by Life Equestrian

The Poncho pairs so well with their mimosa slipper in rose grey, perfect for a subtle hint of soft summer color. Loving the velvet touch, all handcrafted by local artisans using traditional Colombian techniques. Don't forget that each item is delicately packed in a beautiful printed Rönner bag.

They also offer darling dresses, shirts and breeches for the mini Rönner girls, too cute!

Free shipping Ronner Design by Life Equestrian

Free shipping Ronner Design by Life Equestrian

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