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What happens when the app world meets horses?....naturally, they push to new heights! Check out The

The PonyApp and Life Equestrian

Co-founded by US Olympian Lucy Davis and partner Lindsay Douglass, The PonyApp has been created to unite the equestrian world. The app includes in-app payments, record keeping such as tracking training regiments, and even a newsfeed module with current equestrian headlines. It's a one stop shop for horse owners, trainers and even the causal horse enthusiast. Its the only app that allows equestrians to track their barn regiments with real time data, who knows, maybe they will even enable cameras to be linked, one can dream right? Their clean design keeps the app easy and user friendly to navigate through. Get your dose of horse news and your own barn regime all in one can even choose and avatar for your horse!

As a barn a owner you are able to organize your clients by tracking all details from training regiments, farrier, vet visits and more, making month end billing a breeze. As a horse owner, the app brings a one-stop-shop to track your horses costs while maintaining records. With immediate billing its easy to stay on top of equine costs, you can finally toss out those check books. It can't get much easier...its like quicken for the barn.

This is truly a revolutionary app for the horse world...It's a one stop shop for all your barn needs, I'm super excited to see where the app goes and how it changes the sport for the better.

The PonyApp and Life Equestrian

Download the app today from iTunes PonyApp

Coming soon to Android and Web


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