The perfect pullover has arrived...the Freedom Hoodie

F.Words Gear has done it again..."Drumroll please, the perfect pullover has arrived"... Meet the Freedom Hoodie. This hoodie is more than just a hoodie. It defines the new age of material combined with design and functionality.

This brand is simply amazing. The high low design offers a flattering edgy look while offering optimal comfort. Not to mention one of my favorite parts being the copper toned hardware.

To create a hoodie that is Silky soft, cool to the touch and the super stretchy Outlast® is water repellent & stain resistant. I am a very happy girl rolling in this hoodie.

"Not all performance fabrics are created equal - learn more about our Outlast® technology below. You're temperature remains "just right" through all activity and climates in our supremely comfortable pullover."

A hoodie that is built with Outlast® technology that's temperature regulating...for real? Yes please. I love that the hoodie can easily be taken off to create a super cute layered sweat shirt look. Personally I love a hoodie so its rare that you'll catch me without mine attached. The copper tone hardware is such a chic addition to a hoodie. I actually feel a little dressed up in this hoodie...maybe its the super sheen or the structured design? Either way I simply can't get enough of it.

As an animal person and equestrian dirt is my middle name so I am pumped to have found a sweatshirt that I can simply "wipe off" the dusty buddies. Bring it on're not sticking on me this time.

Check out the Freedhom Hoodie @

Photography Credit: Kristin Lee Photography

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