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You've got mail.....Mane 2 Tail Mail

Mane 2 Tail Mail by Life Equestrian

There are some fabulous Equine focused subscription boxes out there.....this is indeed one of them!

Mane 2 Tail Mail not only has a super catchy name but the bundle of goodies are well thought-out and a treat for any equestrian. For $39.99 this box has a variety of super useful and fun barn products, perfect to spoil yourself or makes a great gift for the gift giving season quickly approaching.

My Favorite part about this subscription box is that EVERYTHING is useful! An equestrian can never have too many combs, tail bags, hay bags, treats, water bottles, etc. I always look to learn something new from these boxes and this one did just that. I LOVE the apple cinnamon horse treats, I even tried a taste and they would definitely curb my hunger when in need. The hay and tail bag are PERFECT to keep in a trailer for hauling or for everyday use to add a pop of color. I love the water bottle too, keeping it in my tack box for those super hot days.

This subscription box is worth its value...don't miss out on this fun treat!

Check out my subscription box opening below:

Mane 2 Tail Mail

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