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Designer Highlight with Elizabeth Goodwin Welborn of Stick & Ball

Born and raised in South Louisiana and now living in San Fransisco, Elizabeth is a designer, polo player, mom, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Founding Stick & Ball Fall of 2011out of her passion for horses and fashion. Through her experience as a polo player and her love for travel she began to create this beautiful global and sustainable brand.

I fell in love with Stick & Ball immediately. The products are simply stunning and offer a unique touch on equestrian apparel and decor with the Polo feel. Learning about sustainability and the importance of supporting brands that have a mission, I can 100% say that Stick & Ball captures this and more.

Alpacas are such a truly unique and special animal, not only offering fantastic looks and candid shots, but they offer sustainable wool that offers comfort and style. Stick & Ball uses only the finest, lightest, and softest fibers to create their Alpaca products.

I immediately gravitated towards their incredible scarves, ponchos and sweaters, but Stick & Ball ALSO has incredible leather belts, wallets, and bags and SO much more.

When I familiarize myself with a brand I like to start with a few smaller products that are universally useful and thats when I fell in love with the Alpaca scarves. They are the perfect gift for your equestrian friend or for yourself to keep warm through the Holidays. They can be worn to and from the barn, running errands, traveling, picnic days in the park and the list goes on. They are forever

useful and the perfect compliment to a leather moto-jacket or wool trench. Not to mention they are an incredble price $85.

Learn more about these incredible and sustainable products at

Follow Stick & Ball on Instagram @stickandball


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